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Redefine Success Morning Glory

Let’s Redefine Success

We want to be successful in life and there is nothing wrong with that. But could there be a need to redefine success in today’s society? I believe that we have the innate drive for improvement and personal growth. Successful careers, healthy body, loving family, creating art, exploring the world – veryone takes a different path to fulfilment and happiness in life. Just because someones is not on a similar journey doesn’t mean they are lost.


The colours of success

Success can look so much different than that, it just depends on what you want from life. If you choose health above everything, success can even be taking some time off to concentrate on deeper healing. If compassion is your focus in life, success might come in form of accepting a profession in animal welfare instead of a high-paid job in corporate business. And don’t get me wrong, if climbing the career ladder is your biggest dream and your job fills you with passion and purpose – of course you should go for it and strive to be successful with the work you love. 

Unfortunately those that choose to be successful in being happy and enjoying life to its fullest are often not as accepted in society as those going for the success in business. Everyone takes a different path to fulfilment and happiness in life. Just because someones is not on a similar journey than you are doesn’t mean they are lost.

I myself long believed that my success in work equals my worth in life. But who really defines how much we are worth? Isn’t it just a construct that we enslave ourselves to? Deep down we might all know the truth – deep down we are all striving for peace, happiness, true connections and a meaningful purpose in life. And just as we all have different experiences, lives and dreams this road can lead us through so many different landscapes. So let’s redefine success!


How to Redefine Success

Once we choose a path in life and get a glimpse of what we want to achieve, we have to let go of any preconceived ideas and define our own markers of success, over and over again. And although this might come as surprise to you, your biggest “failures” can really be the best foundation for success. In my darkest times, I have learned some really vital lessons in life and they were the major steps that propelled me forward on the road to my personal success. 


So whenever the thought of being a failure crosses your mind, whenever you judge others for their “unsuccessful” life – pause right there and explore the foundation of this idea:

– Where does it come from – my true values and beliefs about life or really just from social influence? 

– Can I honestly make a judgement about other people‘s success without even knowing what it is they wish to experience in life? 

– How do I know if what I see as failure is actually not the biggest success since it‘s teaching this profound lesson? Since any experience is a powerful opportunity to learn and grow.


You are enough.

Let us not get caught up in what society reflects to us about what we need to achieve in life to be of worth. We are enough no matter how many so called failures we collect. We are doing our part just be being here. Our presence alone means something and no unfulfilling success could ever be the solution. 

Dig deep and explore how you would personally like to redefine success in your life. Try to look beneath the conventional definitions of success and how it should look like. Find out what you are aiming for in life, strive for exactly that and you are gonna be blessed with so much growth, abundance and success no matter what shape it takes on. 


Have an exciting day, everyone!




Trinity Beach, Australia