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I help you to reach vibrant health

so that you have the power

to share your amazing gifts

with this world.


We all have inspiring dreams for creating this amazing life for ourselves

and the world around us. But for many of us,

our own health is in the way of making it happen.


I will empower you with the practical tools around vegan nutrition,

raw food and conscious, holistic habits to start to fully thrive

and build the  dream life you and our planet deserves.

I am anais

Raw food lover | Pranic Healer | Conscious minimalist | Cloud gazer | Freedom seeker


I combine my 6+ years of experience on the vegan, high-fruit lifestyle with my broad knowledge about holistic health and energy healing to help you on your own journey to vibrant health and happiness.

My Story

It was amazing to meet this inspiring person. It changed my perspective on diet and her mission is amazing, one to change the way we think of food.

Dilip Testimonial, Raw Expansion
Dilip Coach

What I love about Anais is that she is not just an advocate for healthy living but actually, 'walks-the-talk'. The wealth of her cognitive understanding plus her lives experience makes the contents she is sharing invaluable.

Adelina Testimonial, Raw Expansion
Adelina Speaker and Facilitator

I attended a few of her inspiring talks and a raw vegan workshop. Afterwards I started eating delicious smoothies and the healthy celery juice. I will definitely consider to introduce more raw food into my diet thanks to Anais.

Irina Testimonial for Raw Expansion
Irina Hostel Manager

If your are looking for amazing raw food, energetic healing/protection or life-changing conversations - Anais is the dedicated friend and tireless lightworker that you want to connect with.

Leo Testimonial for Raw Expansion
Leo Lightworker

I’ve been teaching meditation & healing for over 6 years but could not convince myself for the raw vegan diet till I met Anais with her amazing passion and delicious food. Her knowledge and approach to a healthy life is really adorable.

Nona Testimonial for Raw Expansion
Nona Meditation and Healing Instructor


These resources are packed with healthy insights, practical tips and amazing recipes to help you create a more vibrant life.

Vegan Tuna


No more tasteless smoothies and boring salads – your guide to make raw food super delicious!

Raw Vegan Sauces


With amazing sauces, dips and dressings it is so much easier to make healthy food taste delicious.

Raw Vegan Traveling


Your free guide to make traveling easier but also more exciting while enjoying a raw vegan lifestyle.

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