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Healing Journey Raw Vegan

A conscious Healing Journey

The Start of my healing journey

Many years ago when I stopped tacking the pill, I sadly developed severe acne. My liver finally started to heal and get rid of all the pathogens in my system accumulated over many years of taking birth control medication along with a poor diet, stress, frequent alcohol consumption and other unfortunate conditions. The acne was just a symptom of what was building up in my body all that time. 

For some people depending on their living environment, lifestyle, medical history and more such a symptom like acne can be gone within a few weeks of eating lots of fruits and powerful raw foods. For others like myself, this process asked for much more patience. 

Even while eating raw vegan, low-fat, high in fruits and powerful healing foods (the way that actually healed my acne) my body needed a lot of time to recover. 

I sometimes felt ashamed of being a health-enthusiastic raw foodie and still dealing with such skin issues. But I knew that my lifestyle was supporting me beautifully in my natural healing. The slow but consistent improvements gave me hope that I was on the right path. 

At the end, it took me a few years to finally say goodbye to the acne issues and welcome a new healthy, vibrant skin – one that I could finally feel comfortable in again. 


What you can learn for your path

Here are a few powerful points I learned on my healing journey: 


– Stop searching for a quick fix and get ready for a real lifestyle change. 

– Educate yourself about the real causes of your condition. The information shared by @medicalmedium has been a game changer for my own path. 

– Start being consistent in holistic healing habits.

– Never compare your healing journey with others.

– Don’t blame yourself if you progress more slowly than expected – the body heals in its own time. 

– Be gentle with every step, listen to your body and respect its messages. 

– Be patient and have faith that you will get there.


Every-body is unique, every healing journey looks different.

I hope wherever you are in yours, that you can move beyond any fear, guilt and judgement and embark on a healing path that will give you the amazing health you deserve. 


You don’t have to do this along – I offer 1:1 Holistic Coaching sessions to support you on your path to more health and vibrancy. On my Coaching page you will find more information.


Have a peaceful day,



Puerto Escondido, Mexico

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