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Where we come from

How 9-5 turned into a life as conscious explorers

We’ve done the ordinary thing – during our teen years we had low self-esteem in our minds,
low-carbs in the diet,then we studied something decent and both got the office jobs we’ve ever dreamed of.
Shortly after that, the nice apartment with all the fancy  furniture and finally the disappointing realization
that happiness was not included.

Together we then started to experiment with healthier diets and all of a sudden everything started to shift.
As now raw food and health enthusiasts, daily meditators and passionate minimalists we sold all our stuff
and exchanged it for a carry-on backpack, a notice of termination and a one-way ticket to Asia.


Thirst for Exploration | Freedom Seeker | Mountain Lover
Favourite fruits: Berries, grapes, oranges, durian
Johann, Raw Expansion

“Since the age of seven I suffered from persisting psoriasis. In my teen years, I was driven by the hope to find a natural method of healing myself. I dived into studies, articles, videos about the power of a plant based diet and after only a few weeks of cutting out animal products, gluten and processed foods my skin improved tremendously.

Once looking behind the curtain of the animal agriculture, I was curious to discover the truth hidden by many other curtains in health, lifestyle, spirituality and several other areas of life.  I felt it for a long time that something was strange about our society and earth. Veganism was the last step I needed to dive into every subject of our lives, culture, history, universe and way more. From here, everything changed.

I like to use my time for reading a lot, spiritual practices, outdoor adventures, learning more about natural healing methods, our real history and the current shift in our world.

To step up my game even further, I started the Detox Specialist training by Dr. Morse and several other courses so that I can assist others even better in their life.”


– Former Electrical Engineer (M.Sc.)

– Self-educated in Holistic Lifestyle approaches since 2011

– Holistic Life Coach

– Arhatic Yogi

– Advanced Pranic Healer, including

– Pranic Crystal Healing

– Pranic Psychotherapy

– Pranic Face Lift & Body Sculpting

– Pranic Psychic Self-Defense

– Pranic Feng Shui Consultant (Private and Business)

– Certified in Spiritual Business Management

– Certified in Kriyashakti – The Science and Art of Materialization

– Student in Regenerative Detoxification Level I, by Dr. Robert Morse

– Vegan, since December 2013

– Raw vegan, since May 2017

– Naturally healed fructose intolerance

– Greatly improved psoriasis

– Overcame severe anxiety

– and many more


Nature Adventuress | Runner | Yogi | Food Enthusiast
Favorite fruits: Rambutan, papaya, mango, durian
Anais, Raw Expansion

“I’ve always been excited to try new things – let it be in nutrition, travel destinations or ways of living. So of course I was on board right away when Johann wanted to jump into the plant based diet. Apart from the health part, I found out so much more about the ethical and environmental reasons for going vegan. How could we have followed something for so long (conventional diet) without questioning it at any point?

It followed a time of big transitions, since many more aspects of our life were put into reconsideration. We started meditating, sold a lot of our stuff, tried yoga for the first time and began to explore spiritual topics.

I feel the most alive when I am in nature, let it be hiking up a rich and green mountain, snorkeling among funnily shaped fish or an early morning run. I also enjoy getting more flexible with yoga or sharing deep conversations and juicy fruits with friends. Overall, I want to live life as the big adventure that it can be.

In order to extend my knowledge even further, I am currently training to become a Holistic Health and Nutrition Consultant.”


– Former International Marketing Manager (B.A.)

– Self-educated in holistic lifestyle approaches since 2014

– Raw Food Chef, trained by Seeds of Life Bali

– Holistic Life Coach

– Arhatic Yogi

– Advanced Pranic Healer, including

– Pranic Crystal Healing

– Pranic Psychotherapy

– Pranic Face Lift & Body Sculpting

– Pranic Psychic Self-Defense

– Pranic Feng Shui Consultant (Private and Business)

– Certified in Spiritual Business Management

– Certified in Kriyashakti – The science and art of materialization

– Student in Holistic Health and Nutrition at International Institute of Naturopathy

– Student in Regenerative Detoxification Level I, by Dr. Robert Morse

– Vegan, since January 2014

– Raw vegan, since March 2017

– Naturally overcame depression

– Greatly improved skin condition

– Reversed neurological issues

Imagine a world where everyone is super healthy and vibrant, the words cancer, heart disease, anxiety and depression only exist in the history books. Our society works collectively on preserving our environment, we are caring for each other and our behavior reflects infinite compassion. We feel joyful and at peace, ready to take any opportunity for growth. For us, this is not just a daydream, but the vision we strive for. We can create paradise on earth together and we are excited to be part of that shift.

Adventures in life

Transformations that shaped us along the way

Vegan enthusiasts / since 2014

Once we stumbled across the truth about where our food really comes from, we shifted our life soon after. It started with our health and daily meal choices, but has now become a natural criteria for all our buying decisions in everyday life – vegan please. We are not only doing it for the animals, but also for a compassionate attitude towards mother earth and our fellow humans on this planet.

Minimalists / since 2014

Finally we had our dream apartment – the last piece we bought was a huge cupboard to accommodate the 12-piece wine glass set we’d probably never use. But luckily we then realised that more stuff doesn’t equal more happiness, but rather less freedom. So we sold most of our furniture, kept only our favourite clothes, moved to a smaller place and used the money to start creating unforgettable moments instead.

Raw foodies / since 2017

Fine-tuning our diet for more health and wellbeing naturally made us include more and more fruits. A lot of research later we got a much deeper understanding for the power of raw. A few weeks before Anais first half-marathon, she decided to step up her game and try a fully raw food diet. With this, she actually exceeded her goal for the race by far. Johann soon joined in and we both felt so great that we continued. Since then, we enjoy the vast benefits of raw foods every day.

Daily Meditators / since 2017

First, meditation helped us to relax in the midst of a stressful life and to battle anxiety. Then we also started to become more mindful about our daily actions. Now meditation along with our Arhatic Yoga practices offers us a wide range of beautiful benefits to enhance our life as a whole – from more happiness, abundance, improved health and deeper inner experiences to manifesting our wildest dreams.

Digital Nomads / since 2018

When you are not settled in a certain place, daily life is an adventure as well as a challenge by itself. As nomad, you can learn something new every day just by exploring your current environment. Encountering people from various cultures, lifestyles, spiritual beliefs truly enriches our own personal existence. We also enjoy the freedom of following the sunny season along with the best fruit quality.

Pranic Healers / since 2018

We’ve heard about energy healing methods like Reiki, Chi Gong and many others before, but did not know how effective and real it is until we took the Basic Pranic Healing workshop and experienced its powerful techniques ourselves. Many more workshops later, we now practice its methods every day and already created more happiness, health and abundance in our own life, as well as for those that we support with healing treatments. Pranic Healing has been the most exciting adventure since.