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Himalaya Mountain Range

Pranic Healing Treatments

The body has its innate ability to heal itself. If we remove any obstacles and support it with additional life force, healing is accelerated.

Pranic healing is a comprehensive energy healing system with which not only general illnesses can be treated such as headache, upset stomach or fever  but also more severe, chronic and psychological conditions.

Read more about it in What is Pranic Healing?


I offer distant pranic healing treatments for numerous dis-eases, meaning that no matter in which part of the world you are right now, I can help you.

Client testimonials

Anais helped me recover both physically and emotionally. Emotionally I was feeling very lost and not myself and Anais helped me to feel grounded and like my light spirited self again. It's such a joy to find beauty once more ! Physically, I had a lot of pain and healing that needed to occur in my body. After our first session all of my pains vanished and haven't come back yet (its been four weeks)! I honestly did not expect this, but I highly recommend Anais' Pranic Healing sessions to anyone suffering in anyway. Anais has a gift for the world that needs to be shared!

Amy Pain + Feeling lost

I was experiencing intense pain on the right side of my lower back so I reached out to Anais and asked for a distant healing. She was very easy to work with and was happy to help relieve my pain. After just two treatments my back definitely felt much better even with such great distance between us. I'm really grateful for Anais' help and would highly recommend it for anyone who is thinking about getting one.


I was experiencing intense pain in my hip area. I was talking to Anais and found out that she is practicing Pranic Healing. I had heard the term before but didn't know what it meant. So I decided to try Pranic Healing and it helped to relieve my pain a lot. I would warmly recommend it to anyone.

Agie Hip pain

I had painful hemorrhoids and wanted to use natural remedies to overcome this condition. Anais conducted one healing session after which I already experienced great relief. Only one more session was needed to heal my hemorrhoids completely.

C.L. Hemorrhoids

In autumn 2018 my boyfriend and I tried to have a baby for some months, but it didn't happen so far. So I wanted a healing to cleanse my body and I was really excited to have this new experience. I imagined that a baby would prefer to grow in a clean body with a well-balanced soul. And what can I say - our wonderful son is 7 months today. Thank you again, Anais - I really enjoyed the session!

Nicola Desire to have children

Can pranic healing help you?

– You have long been searching for ways to heal your ailment, without any success.

– You want to treat your condition gently.

– You are curious to try energy healing.

– You didn’t see the desired results with conventional treatments.

– You want to accelerate your healing.

– You already tried changes in diet and lifestyle, but still your conditions prevail.

– You are facing an important occasion (e.g. exams, job interview, public speaking, first day at school) and want to be more balanced and emotionally stronger.

– You want to strengthen and deepen your spiritual connection.

What conditions can we work on?

– General conditions (e.g. migraine, weakness, wounds, insomnia, fever)

– Advanced ailments (e.g. infections, immune conditions, skin problems, hypertension, asthma, constipation, infertility, hypothyroidism, arthritis, cancer, mental conditions)

– Psychological issues (e.g. depression, anxiety, stress, addictions, phobias, traumas)

– Relationship problems (e.g. anger, lack of forgiveness, inability to communicate feelings, difficulties to love)

– Prosperity and abundance (e.g. financial issues, inability to perform, lack of success)

– Psychic protection (e.g. protecting yourself, home or business against negative influences)

– Increasing certain abilities (e.g. concentration, creativity, self-confidence, dynamism, courage, willpower, spiritual connection)

  • Single Healing Session

  • – Questionnaire prior to the session

    – 90min Distant Pranic Healing session via video call

    – Review email with additional health recommendations

    – Suitable for mild, acute conditions (e.g. migraine, weakness, wounds, insomnia, fever, anxiety or stress)

    Single Session for $99 (USD)

  • Schedule now
  • 4x Pranic Healing Package

  • – Questionnaire prior to the first session

    – 4x 90min Distant Pranic Healing session via video call

    – Review email with additional health recommendations

    – Suitable for mild and more advanced conditions (e.g. migraine, infections, skin problems, constipation, hypertension, mental imbalances)

    Whole package for $360 (USD)

  • Free Discovery Call
  • 8x Pranic Healing Package

  • – Questionnaire prior to the first session

    – 8x 90min Distant Pranic Healing sessions via video call 

    – Review email with additional health recommendations

    – Suitable for chronic and more severe conditions (e.g. depression, immune conditions, cancer, arthritis, emotional trauma)

    Whole package for $690 (USD)

  • Free Discovery Call

How does a Healing Session look like?

The healing session will take place via vide call – no touch is required since I am working on your energy body. You can remain fully clothed and lay on your backs or sit down on a chair – whatever makes you feel comfortable. There is nothing you need to do during a session except to keep an open mind and relax.

Everyone has different experiences during the healing, ranging from the feeling of warmth and tingling throughout the body, a sensation of becoming very light or the sensation of becoming very heavy. Some people have an emotional release such as crying or giggling and other don’t feel anything in particular which is also absolutely normal. Experiences will differ with everyone, but it is important for you to know that regardless of whether any of the above is experienced, the energy is still always working.


After the healing:

If possible, relax for the rest of the day and avoid strenuous physical exercises, stressful situations as well as crowded public places. e.g. shopping malls. Wait for 12-24hrs before taking any shower to help the body absorb all the healing energies. After the healing, sleep patterns may change, leaving you either sleepy or energized. Drinking lots of water and eating healthy meals (e.g. avoiding animal products and eating lots of fruits) can help balance energy levels.

Anais Rath_Raw Expansion

Anais Rath


– Advanced Pranic Healer (including Crystal Healing, Pranic Psychotherapy & Psychic Self-Defense)

– Arhatic Yoga practicioner

– Pranic Feng Shui Consultant (Private and Business)

– Student in Holistic Health and Nutrition at International Institute of Naturopathy

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Still Unsure?

If you are interested in one of the Pranic Healing Packages, you can now book a free 15min Discovery Call with me.

Together we will figure out if this is the right fit for you and which package would be suitable for your individual condition! 

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