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Everyday Sauces - Raw Vegan Ebook

Everyday Sauces

Delicious low-fat and raw vegan recipes

44 simple recipes for sauces, dips and dressings

26 low-fat recipes + 18 recipes free of overt fats

Fully plant-based, free of any animal products

Free of nuts, oil, vinegar, gluten, salt, nutritional yeast, soy sauce and coconut aminos

With minimal equipment possible, only a blender needed

Additional 25+ pages with practical tips incl. bonus ebook ``Amazing Salads Guide``

Digital ebook (pdf file) - for your smartphone, tablet, laptop or desktop

Raw Vegan Gourmet Sauce
Raw Vegan Carrot Hummus
Raw Vegan Romesco Sauce
Raw Vegan Tangy Thai Sauce
Raw Vegan Sweet Sour Dressing

Love the professional outlook and aesthetics. The page on “Stocking up” is a very useful and valid suggestion that I feel sets someone up for success. And the fact that every recipe comes with a thoughtful side note.


Great pics of each recipe! Lots of variety, well laid out, easy to read.


Easy to make recipes wich ingredients you can get easily. Great taste. Recipes still taste great if you don't add one ingredient. The ebook shows how much variety we have with raw vegan food and that it never gets boring.


Is this ebook for you?

You want to eat more salads but don't know how to make them delicious and satisfying?

You struggle to find delicious sauce recipes without a lot of processed ingredients?

You want to eat healthier dinner meals that taste amazing?

You are looking for new ideas to keep raw vegan dinner meals exciting?

This is the ebook that got you covered – 44 amazing sauces along with lots of practical tips and inspiration to make your raw vegan dinner super delicious.

Raw Vegan Thousand Island Sauce
Raw Vegan Sweet Dill Sauce

Powerful Content

25+ pages of practical tips incl. “Amazing Salads Guide”

Raw vegan dinner inspiration

Everyday food prep tips

How to make coconut milk

Adjust the density of your sauces

How to make your salads taste amazing

Flavour balancing and food combining

...and more!



This e-book was created to help you on your journey towards a healthier life.
If you are not satisfied with the content within 60 days after purchase, I will give you the money back.

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Just drop me a message via the contact form
or directly send an email to contact@rawexpansion.com.