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Conscious Holiday Gift Guide

I believe in the power of minimalism which you might think gets especially challenged in gift season. The truth is, minimalism isn’t about avoiding any material things and living with the bare minimum. At its core, it’s much more about choosing things in our life that give true value and letting go of anything that doesn’t. Therefore this Conscious Holiday Gift Guide!

Will a certain item give you great joy in your life? Saves you so much time, gives you much better sleep or makes everyday movement so much easier for you? Great, get it! If it’s just a reluctant “maybe a bit” I personally choose to pass though.

So this Conscious Holiday Gift Guide is about added true value to someone’s life. Being mindful of the gifts we choose – for ourselves and others, and focus on quality and purpose.

(Since you are all living in so many different places in the world, I won’t share brands and stores for every gift idea.Those marked with an * are affiliate links where I get a small commission – these are products I share in this Conscious Holiday Gift Guide because I honestly believe in their value for you.)



Gifting joy & connection

Writing your friends or family members a letter with all the things you so appreciate about that, what makes them so special for you. This is something they will treasure forever and often even use as an anchor in times of struggle. Make it a real letter, hand-written, on paper – it has so much more power this way.



Gifting time & health power

The invaluable gift of time, increased health and great taste. Fresh juices can be a powerful tool for more vibrancy in our life (as it has been such a game changer on my own journey) and with the Nama J2 you save a lot of time thanks to their smart technology. Also kid-friendly. For only 4 days, they offer their biggest discount of the year – you can get $80 off with the code “ANAIS80”.  Click here. (Only while supply lasts, since they tend to be sold out closer to Christmas.)



Gifting joy & mindfulness

For me, this is self-love, mindfulness, joy, relaxation and meditation all in once. Adult coloring books together with a set of crayons can be a wonderful gift to invite others to more of those small moments of peace and joy. Maybe even put together a unique playlist for them to add more magic to their coloring sessions.



Gifting health power & ease

Drinking enough can make such a difference on someone’s health and honestly. And to be honest – using a beautifully designed bottle that fits their personal style can actually make drinking enough a lot easier and more fun (speaking out of personal experience). I personally would opt for a glass bottle which also often comes with some stylish protective sleeves.



Gifting pleasure, health & connection

Everyone can invite others to dinner – but how about setting up your own fancy vegan dinner at home? Showing them how amazing plant-based meals can taste! Check out The Plant-Based Bundle for lots of ideas and festive holiday recipes, but also everyday dishes for a simpler dinner option. Right now you can still get these 200+ vegan ebooks and online courses with a value of $8,8968 for only $50 altogether. Only available for a few more days.



Gifting health & joy

Our lymphatic system doesn’t have a heart like the cardiovascular system which pumps the blood / lymph throughout our body. Therefore it needs movement, muscle contraction and other support to flow steadily. Especially if our liver is congested, more waste and toxins land in the lymphatic system. Jumping on the trampoline is a powerful way to aid our body in its cleansing processes and move that lymph. Apart from that, this is also so much fun, can help us to release pent-up emotions and create more playfulness in life.


If you want to spread the habit of more mindful gifting and get more conscious, valuable gifts yourself – please share the link to this Conscious Holiday Gift Guide with your friends and family!



Gifting inspiration & personal growth

Affirmation decks can be a source of inspiration, invite us to reflect on things in our life and shift our perspective. They can be something we can use on our own or together with friends/family and make such a beautiful, mindful gift! Check out the affirmation deck by Studio Marilyn if you want to support a conscious artist with amazing designs.



Gifting joy & connection

Coming together to play – this should not only be a thing for kids but is just as important for our happiness when we are all grown up. This gift can be coupled with an intention for monthly game nights to come together, play, laugh and spend that precious quality time together. A few card games that I personally love: Fantasy Wizard (Game of Trump) as well as Take 5 (Amigo)



Gifting excitement, sweetness &health

Send your loved ones a box of fresh, tropical fruits that surprise them with new flavors, exotic varieties and lots of health power on top. This is an especially great gift for anyone who enjoys fruits and loves to travel with their taste buds. (Check out Miami Fruit for a great source.)



Gifting excitement & joy

Gift them with their own personal treasure hunt. Find some great ideas online, map out the clues and challenges, choose a treasure, set up a time and date and let the fun begin. This can be on a small scale in the comfort of your house / garden or a greater endeavor encompassing a wider range and more challenges. This is gonna be an experience they won’t forget!



Gifting more restful sleep

Our body is designed to sleep when it’s dark outside. If there still shines light through the curtains from those nearby street lights or your neighbors Christmas wonderland in the garden – our body can have a harder time to tune into rest mode. Using a sleeping mask can help to wrap us up in that comforting darkness of the night and dive into a more restful and regenerative sleep. (I would opt for masks out of organic cotton)



Gifting adventure & spiritual growth

Combining an exciting adventure story with personal development and spirituality – this book has been such a favorite on my own journey and I have been reading it again and again in different chapters of my life, often with a new perspective on things. This book is by James Redfield.



Gifting pleasure & health

Great for a small gift with a personal touch – make your own vegan cookies or pralines. You can also adjust them to their favorite flavors and wrap them up beautifully for an extra touch. Find lots of recipes in The Plant-Based Bundle – only available till 28th November, so don’t miss your chance! They even have an ebook on making vegan cheeses if your gift goes to a more savory than sweet person.

(Picture shows “Apricot-Walnut Pralines” from my ebook Raw Vegan Abundance which is also part of the bundle deal.)



Gifting relaxation & joy

Such experiences have become treasured memories for me – sound baths. They can be relaxing, inspiring, transformative, joyful, challenging, healing and more. I suggest to search for some events in your surrounding area if possible since in-person is just so much more powerful than any online events.


For me, giving gifts is about creating that big smile on someone’s face, but also choosing items that can truly have a wonderful impact on their life. For this holiday season, I hope that with the help of this Conscious Holiday Gift Guide you get to create such gifts not only for your loved ones but also for yourself. Joy. Happiness. Health. Connection. Personal growth. Moments to treasure.


Have a peaceful and light-hearted Christmas season,

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