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Anais Rath - Raw Expansion

1:1 Coachings

– You are tired of feeling unwell?

– You want to create healthier eating habits but don’t know where to start?

– You have a hard time making the transition to plant-based and raw foods?

– You want to naturally overcome your health conditions?

– You started a healthy path over and over but couldn’t stick to it?

– You are dealing with food cravings and emotional eating?

Let me help you to thrive!

– I empower you with the knowledge and tools to confidently build lasting healthy eating habits.

– I help you to overcome the common challenges when starting on the vegan and raw food path.

– I guide you through your personal health journey and help you keep motivated along the way.

– I help you to overcome any social, practical, mental and emotional challenges to fully enjoy this new healthy lifestyle.


As your personal coach, I meet you where you are in your journey.
Together, we will tailor the process to your background, lifestyle, challenges and goals.
Raw Vegan Lifestyle

What my clients say

Anais really listens and cares, and is the perfect guide when starting to incorporate more raw foods. She has a lot of insight and knowledge regarding the Medical Medium protocols, and what changes you need to make to heal specific ailments. I highly recommend her coaching sessions!.

Maria Single Session

I am so grateful to have had the opportunity to work with Anais. Not only is she extremely knowledgeable, but very compassionate and understanding in her approach. After each session she provided a detailed and very helpful recap of what we talked about. I highly recommend anyone who is looking to learn more about their health and how to overcome any chronic illness. Thank you for everything!

Anonymous 4-Week Program

After just two weeks my liver enzymes stabilised and I could feel my symptoms improving. After four weeks, I have already seen some symptoms disappear and I feel more energy than I have felt in years. Anais looked at my quality of life as a whole and introduced me to new ways of approaching solutions to my challenges. She made me feel like her priority, and that was so healing for me.

Georgia 4-Week Program

What I like about Anais' coaching is the wealth of knowledge that is available. It was easy and digestible (no pun intended). The steps felt manageable to where I am and where I want to go.

Alexandra Single Session

Anais really takes her time to listen and coach you step by step without forcing anything. Through the Coaching I was able to completely stop eating candy and and eat more fruits and salads instead of sweets.

Natasa 4-Week Program
  • Single Coaching Session

  • Single Session

    – Pre-coaching questionnaire

    – 1x 60min video call

    – Additional handouts, recipes and resources after the call

    – Helpful knowledge, practical tips and tools to get you started

    Single Session for $99 (USD)

    Discount applicable for returning clients within the last 6 months – contact me.

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  • 4-Week Coaching Program

  • Vibrant Shift Program

    – Pre-coaching questionnaire

    – 4x 60min video call

    – Additional handouts, recipes and resources after the calls

    – Helpful knowledge, practical tips and tools tailored to your personal needs

    – Step-by-step guidance to help you reach your health goals

    – Unlimited questions via messages in between coaching sessions

    Whole package for $314 (USD)

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  • 8-Week Coaching Program

  • /
  • Holistic Transformation Program

    – Pre-coaching questionnaire

    – 8x 60min video calls

    – Additional handouts, recipes and resources after the coaching calls

    – 4x 90min Pranic Healing sessions

    – Individual supplement protocol

    – Raw Vegan Abundance + Everyday Sauces + Cozy Flavors ebooks in pdf form

    – Step-by-step guidance to help you reach your personal health goals

    – Unlimited questions via messages in between coaching sessions

    Whole package for $880 (USD)

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Portrait Anais Rath

Anais Rath

– 5+ years of raw food and 8+ years of vegan lifestyle

– 8+ years of self-study in raw vegan nutrition, natural healing, healthy lifestyle and more

– Student in Holistic Health and Nutrition at International Institute of Naturopathy

– Raw Food Chef and Recipe Creator

– Naturally overcame depression, greatly improved skin condition, reversed neurological issues and more

Learn more

Raw and Vegan Food

With 5+ years of raw food and 8+ years of vegan experience, I can help you to navigate through all those challenges we can face when diving into this new lifestyle. A plant-based lifestyle doesn’t have to be complicated, boring or expensive – let’s find a way that fits your daily life.


This can include the following topics:

– Raw or plant-based transition
– Overcoming common challenges
– Food combining
– Portion sizes
– Meal planning
– Recipe and meal ideas
– Healthy on a budget
– Understanding and overcoming cravings
– Dealing with family and friends
…and more!

Natural Healing

If you’ve ever been tackling dis-ease, you sure now how precious real health is. I can help you to navigate through the jungle of healing methods to create a sustainable healthy lifestyle that gently supports you in regaining your health. You deserve to feel amazing in your body.


This can include the following topics:

– Holistic cause of your health conditions
– Gentle detoxification
– Healthy digestion
– Nourishing and cleansing food choices
– Herbs and supplements
– Navigating detox symptoms
– Healthy weight loss
…and more!

Holistic Lifestyle

It’s not just food that can have a great impact on our health. We have to see our life as a whole to be able to create more happiness, health and fulfilment. Together, we look at those areas in your life that are out of balance and use practical tools and techniques to empower you towards more supportive habits.


This can include the following topics:

– Rest and regeneration
– Regular movement habits
– Healthy living environment
– Balanced sleep patterns
– Mental and emotional wellbeing
– Spiritual support
…and more!

Still Unsure?

If you are interested in the 4-week or 8-week program, you can now book a free 15min Discovery Call with me.

Together we will figure out if this is the right fit for you! 

Book your Discovery Call