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Coaching Raw Expansion

1:1 Coachings

No matter where you are in your journey, some challenges might need support from the outside to be resolved.

I want to empower you with new habits and different methods to tackle your goals and transform your life in a way that gives you more health, happiness and purpose.

I offer personalised 1:1 coachings via video call, so that no matter in which part of the world you are right now – I can be there to support you.

Let’s start working together!

Raw Food Diet

With 4+ years of raw food experience, I can help you to navigate through all those challenges we can face when diving into this new lifestyle. Raw food doesn't have to be complicated, boring or expensive if you find a way that fits your daily life. Let me help you get there!

Vegan transition

The switch to a vegan lifestyle can be intimidating if you've followed the conventional diet all your life. I can guide you through the process, to find a gentle and sustainable way to let go of animal products and invite the vibrancy of plant-based foods into your life.

Natural Healing

If you've ever been tackling dis-ease, you sure now how precious real health is. I can help you to navigate through the jungle of healing methods to create a sustainable healthy lifestyle that gently supports you in regaining your health. You deserve to feel amazing in your body.

Pranic Feng Shui

The energies in our home have a great effect on our health, peace, prosperity, relationships, success and more. The good thing - we have the power to adjust those energies to our benefit with the right tools and practices. Let me show you how!

Anais Rath_Raw Expansion

Anais Rath

– 4+ years of raw food and 7+ years of vegan lifestyle

– 7+ years of self-study in natural healing, healthy lifestyle and more through books, documentaries, articles etc.

– Student in Holistic Health and Nutrition at International Institute of Naturopathy

– Raw Food Chef

– Advanced Pranic Healer (including Crystal Healing, Pranic Psychotherapy & Psychic Self-Defense)

– Naturally overcame depression, greatly improved skin condition, reversed neurological issues

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Holistic Approach

We are complex human beings and our challenges in life are no different. So I believe that no issue can be solved by just observing it from one angle. A chronic health condition might develop due to an unhealthy diet mixed with heavy metal exposure, pathogens and a stressful lifestyle. No matter what your are dealing with, I see you as a whole.

Removing Obstacles

I believe that we have the elemental ability to thrive. Nowaday’s environment makes this harder and harder – toxic substances in food, marketing that tells us dairy is healthy and a fast-paced life with millions of distractions from our true self. But if we manage to remove more and more obstacles, we can open up for more vitality, bliss and magic in life.

Empowering you

My goal is to empower you with the knowledge and tools to turn your challenges in opportunities for growth. I want you to become an expert for your own health, wellbeing and spiritual growth. This doesn’t mean you have to make it all by yourself, let me support you on the journey, so you can find your own, authentic path.

You might just need some advice in your diet or you want to transform your life on a big scale and need support along the journey.

You can either schedule a single session with me or I can put together a more conclusive package for you – let’s find a coaching arrangement that fits your individual needs.

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