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Raw Vegan Beetroot Wrap

Raw Vegan Beetroot Wraps

Are you also finding it more challenging to incorporate fresh fruits and veggies when it’s colder outside? And yet, these are the times when we want to take extra good care of our body. There are actually some great ways to fully embrace this season while keeping your meals vibrant and plant-powered. One of them is using winterly veggies like carrots, kale, broccoli or cauliflower to create satisfying plant-based meals – like these fantastic raw vegan beetroot wraps.


Raw Vegan Beetroot Wraps

(recipe for 1-2 portions)


For the beetroot wraps filling: 

– 4-6 cabbage leaves

– 1 beetroot

– 1 carrot

– 2 tbsp fresh fennel

– 1 stalk celery

– 1/2 cup fresh cilantro

– 1 tsp dried oregano

– 1 tsp dried thyme


For the raw vegan sauce: 

– 2 medium tomatoes

– 1/2 avocado

– 1 tbsp red onion

– 2 garlic cloves

– 4 tbsp lemon juice

– 1 tsp paprika powder

– 1 tsp cumin

– 1/2 tsp caraway


1.A. Put all the ingredients for the raw vegan beetroot filling (except for the cabbage leaves) into the processor and mix briefly.

1.B. Alternatively, you can grate the beetroot and carrot, finely chop the celery, cilantro and fennel and mix all ingredients together (again, except for the cabbage).

2. Blend all sauce ingredients and stir them together with the beetroot filling.

3. I used savoy cabbage for this recipe, but you can also go for any other cabbage variety. For softening them, I like to put the leaves into the freezer the night before and take them out in the morning so that they are defrosted and ready to go in the evening. This makes them softer and easier to digest. Now to finish your raw vegan beetroot wraps, fill the beetroot mixture into the cabbage leaves, tuck in the end part and roll them up.


If you are not a big fan of raw cabbage you can also use Romaine or a similar lettuce and fill the mixture into the leaves to make little raw vegan beetroot boats. There are so many ways to play with this recipe, I hope you will enjoy your unique winterly meal!


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