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Start now, today, right away!

It might be weight loss for you, healthier eating habits, toning your body, spending more time in nature or starting a meditation practice. We all have goals in our life and dream of the time when we achieve them and enjoy more health and happiness. If the motivation is high and we know how we can start to get there – why do we still not manage to reach our goals?

Yes. Change can be uncomfortable.

At first, new habits take effort, it is something we are not used to, something we have to push ourselves to follow through. And therefore we tend to start tomorrow, after the weekend, next month. Have you ever been there? I know, it can be hard but our dreams should never be postponed. Time is the most valuable resource we have and we should use it wisely. When I dived into the vegetarian lifestyle, before switching to plants only a little later, I decided one day that I don’t feel comfortable eating animals any longer and I stopped right away. I knew this was too important to wait for the perfect timing to begin with it. Was it worth it? It was one of the best decisions in my life. Was it easy to start? It was challenging but only in the beginning.

Start now and enjoy tomorrow

Here is the light on the horizon: New habits create new connections in our brain and if we repeat these actions over a certain time, those connections become stronger and easier to follow. After a bit, we begin to automatically follow through with our new workout practice, the morning smoothie or the afternoon walk. Just as we brush our teeth in the morning or drive our car – we start to run the autopilot. But at first, we need to start and repeat and not just tomorrow or next month.

Start today, now, right away. Roll out your yoga mat, press play on the workout video, prepare your fruity meal, start the blender, go outside for a walk, sit down to meditate, write the first page of your book  – start now. 

Be the Star of Your Morning

By the way, for most people it is easier to follow through with their plans in the morning where our motivation tends to be highest. This makes the start of your day the perfect time for a new healthy habit. When it comes to my raw vegan transition, breakfast was the first meal that I changed to fully raw. After a week of breakfast smoothies, it already became so much easier and soon I didn’t even think about filling up my blender instead of my porridge bowl – it was already engrained in my brain as a thing I just do every morning. No need to convince myself to go for it, it happened naturally as a new part of my routine.


What do you like to start today, now, right away? What is too important to postpone? 


Have an inspiring day, everyone!



Kuranda, Australia