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B12 Deficiency_Greens

Are you B12 deficient?

Let’s talk about dirt. Not the mango stain on your shirt after a fruity lunch though. No, the one on plants that’s helping us to supply our body with proper amounts of B12 – which is a powerful factor for healing as well as maintaining our vitality.


How can we get vitamin B12?

There are different ways how our body can gets access to B12 – one of them is through our food. Microorganisms which are present on the surface of fresh, raw, organic fruits, veggies and greens create B12 within our small intestine from where it then reaches other areas of our body.


How has B12 deficiency become such a big topic?

In the past, we used to go into our garden, shake the dirt clumps off the carrot and bite right into it. We also used to drink water from natural springs which helped us produce B12. But today, things look a bit differently. Today, we usually buy our veggies from big supermarkets who get their produce from big industrial farms. When it arrives in our kitchen, it’s already pre-washed. But even if there were still those powerful microorganisms on the surface on the veggie, due to the heavy use of chemicals in industrial farming, it wouldn’t be save to consume our food without proper washing anymore. Therefore, we miss out on getting B12 this way and sooner or later might get deficient.

This is why home-grown food or produce from trusted organic farms is so powerful – especially raw sprouts which you can easily grow on your kitchen counter. If we leave the produce unwashed or just slightly rinse it before eating, the microorganisms stay intact.


Why is B12 important for our health?

B12 is a catalyst in so many daily processes throughout our body. Not only does it help us to keep our neurological system healthy, it also gives our immune system necessary strength, protects us against viral damage and much more. Some of the common symptoms of deficiency can be muscle cramps, dizziness, fatigue, difficulty walking and others like depression or erectile dysfunction – but they can also be very subtle and hard to detect in everyday life.
If you already eat plant-based or not – B12 deficiency can become a serious issue which we can prevent right from the start. Regularly taking the right plant-based supplements can be the solution.


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Is this only a vegan topic?

Unfortunately, nowadays most people are deficient in B12 – no matter if meat eater or vegan. Even if blood tests show sufficient levels, that doesn’t mean there is enough available in other organs, nervous system and other parts of your body. Therefore it always makes sense to take charge of your B12 levels. The easiest way are plant-based supplements.


How can we find good supplements?

The best way to supplement B12 in our system is through oral supplements. When you search for products, be mindful about any undesired additives in those supplements. It is also better to choose pure supplements instead of multivitamin mixtures since these can interfere with proper B12 uptake. If they don’t have a vegan label, the supplement capsules often contain animal-derived gelatine which I personally avoid.

By the way, you can not really overdose on B12 since it is water-soluble and our body simply flushes out excess amounts with our urine.


I hope this article gave you some powerful insights together with practical guidance for your own life.

I wish you a vibrant day,



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