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Raw Vegan Banana Meals

10 Creative Ideas for Banana Meals

With winter still in full swing in the Northern hemisphere and limited seasonal fruit options, banana meals are often the best staple for raw food lovers. Now is the time to get a bit more creative in the kitchen so that you are not going bananas after two weeks of the same smoothie every day.

Here are 10 creative ways to use bananas to keep the fruity lifestyle nourishing, exciting and always delicious.


1. Fruit Salad

Now, if you’d rather flee the winter and get some summer vibes onto your plate, here is a fruit salad that can throw your taste buds into tropical warmths. Simply take 1 cup of raspberries and 2 cups of mango pieces out of the freezer in the morning to let them thaw. Cut up 3 bananas and then mix everything together. One of the most simple yet nourishing banana meals.



2. The Apple Mash

Mash 4 bananas with a fork, cut 2 apples and 6 dates into small pieces, sprinkle 1/2 tsp cinnamon on top and mix everything together. The perfect winterly comfy food.


3. Raw Vegan Chocolate Pudding

This is one of the meals I love to make for friends and family since it is soooo good that even non raw-foodies can fully embrace the taste. It’s basically sweet bananas blended with raw cacao powder along with flavours of your choice. I have four amazing choco-banana smoothie and pudding recipes in my ebook Raw Vegan Abundance which are totally winter-approved and a must try for any chocolate lovers.



4. Fruit Smoothies

The classic among raw vegan banana meals. Still, there are so many creations out there you haven’t tried yet. A mixture I always enjoy is bananas, berries and some greens like spinach or barley grass juice powder. If you want to level up your wellbeing the Heavy Metal Detox Smoothie by Medical Medium is a real gem when it comes to healing meals.


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5. Sweet Green Boats

Mash 4 bananas with a fork, cut 6 dates into small pieces. Spread the banana mixture into a few lettuce leaves (Romaine and kale are my favourites for this) and sprinkle the dates on top.


6. Raw Vegan Cinnamon Rolls

Just three ingredients yet sooo freaking delicious! Check out the recipe on my blog for raw vegan cinnamon rolls – one of the best healthy treats I know of.



7. Creamy Nicecream

Ok, if you have never tried ice cream made of frozen bananas, now is the time. I know, even if it’s winter at your location, this can’t wait – it’s just too delicious! Peel some ripe bananas and freeze them. Break them into smaller pieces, put them in a high-speed blender with other frozen fruits like berries, mango or for a more winterly blend vanilla essence, dates and cinnamon. Blend it all up. No need for any nutmilk or seeds in there, since the bananas alone give it so much creaminess and such a sweet taste. Grab your warmest blanket and enjoy!


8. Raw Cereal Bowls

Are you also an oatmeal or cereal bowl lover? Then this recipe is for you! Oatmeal Bowl made entirely of fruits – yes, it is very possible and tastes amazing on top. For the “milk”, you just blend filtered water with banana and later add any kind of cut-up fruits you feel drawn to. You can find a great recipe in my ebook for Crunchy Oatmeal – fully raw!



9. The Minimalist Among Banana Meals

Especially some tropical banana varieties like sugar bananas are so delicious even just on their own and make the perfect snack on-the-go.


10. Cream Filling for Raw Vegan Cakes

If you want to get a bit more creative in the kitchen, this apple cake recipe with banana cream filling might be the right fit. Such a satisfying treat for cold winter afternoons with family or friends. Enjoy!


I hope these ideas will inspire you to create more delicious banana meals to keep this winter season fruity and vibrant!



Trinity Beach, Australia