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Raw Vegan Abundance


55 Recipes for Healthy Taste Explorers

How would your life look like if you would have increased energy, mental clarity, more balanced emotions, better skin or a leaner body? Raw food can help you with that. This recipe book contains my favourite raw dishes for breakfast, lunch, dinner as well as snack time.

No matter if you are already a passionate raw foodie or just want to dip your toes into the raw world. Dive into the delicious world of raw flavours with me and enjoy the nourishment that comes from including more raw foods.


Raw Vegan Abundance Ebook

What you Get

Full of nutrients with exciting flavours

55 delicious, raw recipes for all levels of experience

Fully plant-based, free of any animal products

Gluten-free, soy-free, oil-free, low- and medium-fat

Colourful picture of every single recipe

With minimal equipment possible, no dehydrator needed

Including 7-day raw vegan Meal Plan

Additional 35+ pages with powerful content to get you started

Digital ebook (pdf file) - for your smartphone, tablet, laptop or desktop

Raw Vegan Fingerfood

I loved everything about the e-book! All the information is very well explained, easy to follow, and useful. The appendix at the end with suggested material for further reading, watching, and learning is also very helpful and convenient. The recipes provided are delicious and easy to make with accessible ingredients; no crazy expensive super foods and no dehydrator needed. This is the first raw vegan recipe book I have that I actually use. Thank you Anais!


I loved her perspective and really resonated with her journey and intentions of how to incorporate raw vegan in your life. I haven’t made my way through all the recipes yet, but the ones I’ve made so far are absolutely delicious!! And it’s expanded my pallet and given me some great ideas for how to sustain eating raw vegan and keep it colorful! I’ve already shared it with several of my closets like-minded friends. Thank you so much!!


It's simple and easy to understand. I love the recipes, they are different from what I know. This ebook is very inspiring.


I was originally drawn to Anais and this ebook through the common interest in medical medium information, and after ordering the ebook and reading through, Anais puts so much good info (some that I’ve spent years incorporating and know as my truth) in an super easy to read and understand format without having to spend hours researching. It’s all in one place! And you can tell a lot of thought and research went into creating this ebook and how best to deliver this information.


Very thorough and lots of info along with easy to use recipes. So many resources in one book!


I really liked the part that listed the nutrients needed for the body and examples of foods you can get those nutrients from. Lots of great health notes aside from the delicious looking recipes! I really appreciate you saying how you can juice with a nut milk bag. This is what I do and is a great and cheap alternative to buying a juicer. I’m especially exited to try the Fruit Meals in this book! Thank you Anais!


I think the layout is excellent, the pictures are beautiful and the depth of the explanations is great for someone starting to integrate more raw food in their life.


Really yummy and thoughtfully combined meals that were easy to make.


This book is a beautiful outline of colourful living foods. Easy to prepare at home or on the road. A powerful roadmap for everyone who wants to transition to food that is nutrient dense and satisfying for body and soul. It gives a lot of insights of important wisdom that the commercial food industry won’t tell. About health in general and how powerful it is to take health and the own body into one’s hands. Information everyone should know. Thanks for sharing your light, Anais.

Regina Writer + Photographer
Raw Vegan Soup
Raw Vegan Apple Cake
Raw Vegan Tacos
Raw Berry Smoothie
Raw Vegan Tuna
Vegan Mango Nicecream

Is this ebook for you?

130+ pages of delicious recipes, raw food information and practical tips

You strive for more energy, vibrant skin, a leaner body or increased happiness?

You want to enjoy amazing tastes while eating healthy?

You need practical guidance to make eating raw foods simple and sustainable?

You are looking for amazing raw recipes to surprise your friends and family with?

This is the ebook that got you covered – over 55 amazing recipes for making
raw smoothies, salads, pasta, finger food, sweet treats and more.


Raw Vegan Recipes

Explore 55 delicious meals to create at home

Creamy fruit smoothies

Refreshing fruit drinks

Fruit and nice-cream recipes

Colourful, satiating salads and sauces

Delicious zucchini noodle recipes

Raw veggie soups

Creative finger food

Raw cakes, pralines and other treats

Raw Vegan Zoodles

Powerful Content

35+ pages of valuable raw food content to get you started

The motivation behind a plant-based lifestyle

What diet are we humans designed for?

The powerful benefits of raw food

What to eat as a raw foodie

My approach to raw vegan nutrition

Mastering the common raw food challenges

Useful kitchen equipment to get started


Raw Vegan Abundance


This e-book was created to help you on your journey towards a healthier life.
If you are not satisfied with the content within 60 days after purchase, I will give you the money back.

And to get a better feeling for the book, here is a free peak inside:

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Just drop me a message via the contact form or directly send an email to contact@rawexpansion.com.