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Eat Healthier with Raw Foods

Eat Healthier with the Elimination Game

You want to eat healthier, feel better but have no idea where to start? For most people going plant-based or eating fully raw vegan doesn’t happen over night. For most people it takes some time and patience to build new habits around food. This is especially the case when we followed a certain lifestyle for many many years. 


The gentle transition to eat healthier

Be kind to yourself and go step by step – we can call it the elimination game. For this, you take one food group at a time to let go of in your daily meals and exchange it with fresh plant-based foods instead. 

I followed the same slow and steady process in my own transition from a diet filled with baked goods, processed foods, milk, cheese and meat to high-fruits and raw food. Cheese was the biggest challenge for me and it took me a few months to finally feel very confident with my cheese-free dishes. Only then I moved on to another food group (I think it was processed goods) which I started to replace with fresh produce. This was a very gradual process for me to step by step eat healthier. 


A guide for your journey

Here are a few food groups you might want to play with in your own elimination game, one by one:

– Meat and fish

– Milk, cheese and other dairy products

– Eggs

– Refined sugar

– Refined salt 

– Gluten

– Oil

– Processed products

– Heavy cooked meals


If that seems like a big restriction at first, you might be surprised how many new amazing plant-based meals you invite into your life when saying goodbye to others. There are so many super delicious recipes out there to eat healthier. A good guideline is to primarily focus on fruits, veggies, greens, herbs and seaweeds which can effortlessly combine health and pleasure.


If you need some meal inspiration, you can find many amazing raw vegan dishes in my ebook Raw Vegan Abundance. You can also find many practical tips and a 7-Day Meal plan in there to help you to eat healthier.


Are you ready for the game? 


Have a vibrant day, everyone!




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