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Overeating Tips

9 Tips to Avoid Overeating

Eating enough is so important especially on the raw vegan lifestyle. But it’s all about the balance and I know from own experience that overeating can be a tough habit to let go of. 

Especially in emotionally challenging times, (if raw food lovers or not) many people struggle to find their healthy portion sizes – to nourish themselves without feeling stuffed or even struggle with stomach aches afterwards. 


From Overeating to more balance

Here are a few tips that helped me to find more balance with my portion sizes: 


1. Eat more regularly to avoid extreme hunger.

2. Eat simpler meals (mono fruit, less complex creations).

3. Calm your emotions before eating – a few deep breaths can already make a difference.

4. Put only part of your meal on your plate first and when finished wait a few minutes to see if you are still hungry – if yes, take more.

5. Eat without distractions – if that is too difficult in the beginning, reduce the distractions bit by bit (e.g. just listening to music instead of watching a movie).

6. Eat more slowly – at the beginning you can try to chew 20 times to find your flow and help you slow down.

7. Use chopsticks (e.g. for salads to eat more slowly and mindfully).

8. Make your smoothies thicker and eat them with a spoon.

9. Focus on nutritional density to satisfy any cravings (e.g. include more leafy greens and herbs).


Be kind with yourself

Ok, I know all those fancy tricks to avoid overeating. Does that mean it never happens to me anymore? Habits that we have cultivated over many years are hard to change and it takes consistent effort and patience to create new, healthier patterns. So yes, it still happens that I overeat, but this is what I tell myself in such moments…

“Whenever it happens, it’s ok and certainly not a failure – just a part of the process. Don’t give up. Don’t talk yourself down. Accept it and move on. Right with the next meal you get a new chance to treat your body well.”


I offer 1:1 Coachings for anyone who wants to create healthier lifestyle habits with raw foods and is ready to make a shift in their life. Click here to learn more about my approach.


Have a peaceful day!



Puerto Escondido, Mexico