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Raw Vegan Start – How to Begin

Sometimes the idea of a fully raw lifestyle can be so intimidating. I know, I’ve been there myself – the raw vegan start can be tough. Especially if we pick goals that at first seem unreachable it can overwhelm us and pretty quickly we feel like we can’t keep up with them – we throw the towel on the whole raw food thing. 


Consistent small habits over big quick challenges

Don’t be disencourged if your journey looks more bumpy than you expected, if you didn’t go fully raw or vegan over night and get to tick off your whole healthy-habits-list every day. 

Change takes courage, persistence and patience. Show up for yourself every day – but also be gentle, kind and forgiving with yourself through every challenging step. This way you can sustainably build a new healthy lifestyle that can gift you with so much more vitally and happiness in life. 


Your Raw Vegan Start – How to begin

Here are a few ideas to make the raw vegan beginning so much easier for you: 

🌿 Start right tomorrow with just one raw vegan meal – could be a simple piece of fruit or a colourful salad, anything that works for you. 

🌿 Take small but consistent steps instead of one big but quick cleanse. This creates new sustainable habits which can soon transform in a whole new lifestyle if practiced regularly. 

🌿 Plan your meals ahead and buy all the groceries you need beforehand. If you need some meal inspiration, check out my ebook Raw Vegan Abundance with lots of delicious recipes along with a 7-Day Meal Plan to help you find your personal flow.

🌿 Try 1-2 new raw vegan recipe every week to experience the delicious possibilities.

🌿 Find a friend/family member to join you e.g. with one raw meal a day – holding each other accountable and motivating one another can be so powerful. 


And it’s so important to find support! There were many people before you that went through the same challenges – learn from their experiences and make your healthy lifestyle so much easier and more delicious. 

So – ready for your raw vegan start?


Have a vibrant day!




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