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Almond Milk

Self-Made Almond Milk

I am currently experimenting with some new recipes and almond milk can be a great way to add the certain creaminess to soups, zoodle sauces or salad dressings.

Since I was never a big fan of processed plantbased milk products which often have additional ingredients like sugar or preservatives, I prefer to make my own. For this, you only need a good blender and a nut bag. So let’s get started.


Almond Milk Recipe

– 1/2 cup almonds

– 3/4 cup filtered water


1. Soak 1/2 cup almonds in water over night.

2. Rinse the almonds.

3. Blend the almonds together with the 3/4 cup filtered water.

4. Put the mixture into your nutmeg and press out the liquid.


Since I used the milk for a creamy salad dressing, I was going for a quite thick texture in this recipe. You can easily adapt it to your wishes and for example add more water if you want to create a delicious raw soup.

The leftover pulp can still be used for something great, I usually make bliss balls out of it. Mixed with some dried fruits, maybe cinnamon or cacao this makes a very delicious raw treat for family and friends, or just for yourself.

And it’s not just almond milk you can easily make by yourself. There is walnut milk, hazelnut milk or maybe you want to go for some cashew milk. My personal favourite is definitely coconut milk out of mature coconut meat – either fresh, frozen or shredded.


Have you made your own milk before? What is your favorite mixture?



Kuranda, Australia