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Forgiveness Meditation

Ritual of Forgiveness – Free Yourself

We often carry it around, sometimes for years. We know that it hurts us, but still it can be hard to let go – Anger, resentment and even hatred, towards others or ourselves. It might have been something a person said to us, how they treated us, they might have even hurt us physically. Now we are wishing them bad in our thoughts, thinking about how awful his/her actions were over and over again. The question is – does this anger serve us? Discussing someone‘s mistake with them for the purpose of all becoming better people is one thing. But seeking revenge through mental cursing only makes your inner peace, emotional and mental healing so much harder. It takes up so much of our energy to be angry which could otherwise be used wisely to become a better human ourselves.

“Forgiveness is key to freedom from mental and emotional pain, and thus, happiness.”

Grandmaster Choa Kok Sui


Forgiveness for longterm health

Oftentimes we could feel resentment against other people for so long that we don’t even recognise this consistent burden anymore. We often carry it with us for years without properly dealing with it. Holding on to negative emotions like resentment and hate for a longer time leads to congestions in our physical body as well – this can impact our heart, digestive tract, liver, kidneys and many other parts of our system.

We all make mistake and it is part of our learning process. If we start to forgive, from the tiniest up to the big ones, we can let go of a lot of emotional waste and start healing on the emotional and physical level.


Ritual of Forgiveness by Master Co

Master Stephen Co., disciple of Grand Master Choa Kok Sui (founder of Pranic Healing and modern Arhatic Yoga) guides you through a beautiful and short ritual of forgiveness in this video. If practiced regularly you will soon start to see the person that might have hurt you in a different light and be able to bring more compassion towards their path. This also works for forgiving ourselves, by the way. We are often quick to judge ourselves for the smallest missteps. By practicing forgiveness we can shift that perspective and create more self-confidence and self-love in our path in life. 


Grateful for opportunities to grow

If you want to see it from a different angle though, you can play with the idea that there is actually nothing to forgive. If someone hurt us in life, there is often a big lesson to learn for us. The more impact the action has, the greater the gain from overcoming that challenge. And remind yourself, that you are only facing these hurdles because you are ready for them. You have the ability to grow from such challenges, become a stronger and more advanced being. 

So instead of forgiving, we can practice to thank this person for the role he/she was playing for us. Such a practice can propel our own personal growth and let us become stronger, more compassionate and wiser. Sure, it is much more difficult to see it from that perspective, especially for the big chunks in our life. But if you are ready to experiment with such a new way of dealing with difficult situations and people around you, expand the forgiveness meditation with the affirmations “Thank you. I love you. I release you.”.

We came across this method in a video by Franco DeNicola. If you want to dive deeper into authentic personal growth, he is the right address for mind-expanding content.


Forgiving, letting go, transforming

If feeling gratitude towards the people that hurt you doesn’t feel possible for you at the moment, that is ok. Then just stick to the powerful technique in Master Co’s video and work with that. This powerful tool developed by Master Choa Kok Sui can transform your emotional and physical state as well as your relationships. Practiced daily until you feel the desired shift in your emotions towards this person, you will soon feel much more peace and inner calmness.



Pokhara, Nepal