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Pink Raw Ice Cream

Raw Ice Cream for Breakfast

You ever wondered why the tasty stuff always has to be so unhealthy? As a child I spend restless moments in front of the empty box of chocolates, filled with guilt and a lot of sugar. All I wished for was the healthy food to be delicious instead of all the junk food that made me feel bad. Well, I had to wait a few more years until I stumbled across vegan dishes, in particular the power of raw food. I had finally found a nutrition that offers both, health and a hell of a good taste. Till then I’ve experimented a lot and I am still learning a new recipe or the amazing health benefit of a certain fruit every week. But one of my all-time favourites is definitely raw ice cream made of bananas.


The healthiest ice-cream on earth

Creamy, sweet, softly melting – there is nothing more you could wish for when it comes to ice cream. Here is an absolutely simple recipe for your fast track into ice cream heaven.


1. Peel 3-5 ripe bananas (the skin has to be covered with brown spots for them to be ripe enough) and put them in the freezer for a few hours.

2. Take them out, add a few tablespoons of water or coconut water, just to help the blender to get going.

3. Add any fruits or spices you like.

4. Blend everything with a hand blender or a very powerful blender if you have one.

Get ready to be blown away by your new favourite meal!


Whenever I have some overripe bananas at hand, I put them in the freezer for future ice cream meals. This way, I never run out of a quick, healthy treat and can avoid any bananas to go bad.

If your blender is not strong enough to transform the frozen bananas into a smooth ice cream, you can add some fresh bananas to get more like a cold, creamier smoothie. By the way, you can easily turn any smoothie recipe based on bananas into ice cream if you use frozen bananas. Check out some of my smoothie recipes to get inspired.


Go bananas with your unique creation

As extra ingredients you may want to add raspberries, strawberries, mango, raw chocolate powder, coconut water, cinnamon or any other raw food you feel drawn to experiment with. When it comes to nut milk, seeds and other fatty ingredients – they don’t combine well with fruits so I prefer them in my dinner salads instead. My own creation was made with some coconut water, dragonfruit and cinnamon – so delicious.

You want to make the blending easier? Better not blend the bananas first and freeze them after that, since ice crystals will form which spoil the creaminess. Instead, wait a few minutes after taking them out of the freezer, to let them melt a little.


Raw Ice cream for breakfast? Oh, yes!

Sure, I wouldn’t be so enthusiastic about store-bought ice cream filled with refined sugar, fat and additives. But this banana ice cream is not only free of unhealthy stuff, but also full of nutrients.


– Great source of energy, perfect for a powerful breakfast or a as a post-workout meal

– Boost your mood and reduce stress

– Filled with valuable vitamins and minerals

– Improve your digestion

– Support proper heart function and regulate your blood pressure


So if it’s winter in your part of the world – grab your blanket and enjoy your self-made, guilt-free raw ice-cream! I am excited to hear about your favorite creation.



Pokhara, Nepal

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