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Barefoot Shoes - Earth Runners

Freedom with Barefoot Shoes

Freedom – one of the most precious values for my life as well as for my feet. This is why I haven’t worn any other than barefoot shoes for the last 3+ years. They give my feet the space to move freely as well as letting me experience nature more intensely – while still protecting my feet. 

More and more people are making the jump to barefoot shoes and there are some powerful reasons behind that movement. 


Benefits of barefoot shoes

I know, I’ve been there – wearing tight pumps to the office, super cushioned sport shoes to absorb any impact when running and pretty high heels when going out to dance. I used to have such a big closet of different shoes and reflecting back on that I realise that none of them were actually serving my feet. 

The majority of us have been wearing such shoes for the most part of our life. Over time, they weaken our feet and legs, forcing us to rely on our footwear for support instead of our own body which is perfectly designed for that. Their cushion, heels as well as toe drop put us into an unnatural body posture which can ultimately result in foot, knee, leg as well as lower back issues. Learn more about this here.

Barefoot shoes work with a very minimalist design to allow our feet and legs to get stronger again – to support us in every movement. Of course, going barefoot on grass all the time would be ideal – yet, our life often takes us out onto the street with all its challenges. Hot asphalt, sharp objects, rubbish and more everyday hazards. By wearing barefoot shoes, we get to reap the benefits of minimal footwear while still feeling confident and protected out in the world.


Proper grounding with Earth Runners

One barefoot shoe brand that integrated an intriguing concept is Earth Runners. They realised how important it is to strengthen our connection to the ground yet that our modern lifestyle often separates ourselves from it. We live in closed houses and tall buildings, wear shoes with thick rubber insulations and during our day rarely touch the grass with our feet. On top of that, all the gadgets in our life together with radiation from wifi and other unnatural EMFs puts our body in a lot of stress. 

Getting back into contact with the earth helps us to reduce the challenges of modern life and balances our energy field. At the end, this can benefit us in many ways – physically as well as mentally and emotionally. Reducing inflammation in our body, better sleep, lower stress levels, healthy blood pressure, increased energy levels and more. 

The team from Earth Runners designed their barefoot shoes with a stainless steel lined lace which is conductive and touches are feet. At the outsole of their sandals (connected to the lace) they placed a copper plug to constantly connect us to the ground while wearing their sandals. 


Use the discount code “rawexpansion” to get 10% off your Earth Runners. 


How my feet changed

I used to wear a lot of tight heels which resulted in my feet and toes to be pressed in a certain position for many years. When I switched to barefoot shoes, I observed that over the years the space between my toes grew wider and now my feet feel so much stronger and more flexible. Now, whenever I do step into a conventional shoe for a moment, I instantly feel how restrictive and even painful they are for my feet. I don’t think I will ever go back to that.

After playing with some other brands, I just recently started to wear sandals by Earth Runners and so far love their minimalist design. The materials feel very comfortable on my skin and the design allows me to move freely without restrictions. In my experience, the best shoes are the ones you don’t feel – yet which give you the confidence and protection for all those wild adventures in nature as well as daily life.


If you are ready to start your own barefoot adventure, check out this Starter Guide to transition effortlessly into a life of more freedom. 


Have a vibrant day, everyone!




(Post sponsored by Earth Runners)

Puerto Escondido, Mexico


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