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Designed for Fruits

The field of nutrition is vast – so many controversial ideas. To shed some light on the idea behind raw vegan food and especially the fruit-based lifestyle, let’s take a look at our physique. What foods can fuel our body the best way? What are we actually designed for?


About wolves and lions

Carnivorous animals with their four feet, claws and sharp molar teeth have the perfect body for hunting prey and ripping the raw meat apart. Their hydrochloric acid is very strong which is necessary to quickly digest raw meat since it would start to ferment if it would sit there for a longer period of time. The intestines of carnivores are therefore designed to let the meat travel through the body on high speed.


Designed for fruits

Much different then the other types of eaters, frugivores (such as great apes) have two hands and can walk upright. This can be a very handy characteristic for picking ripe fruits from the trees. Their stomach acid is 20 times weaker than those of carnivores – too weak to properly break down meat. Furthermore, their long intestinal canal is perfectly suited for fiber-rich fruits and veggies. Not so much for meat though – due to a weak stomach acid, the meat traveling through needs so much time that it would start to putrefy before leaving their body. 

Great apes live and thrive mostly on fruits. With the same physical design shouldn’t we also focus on fruits? I think so, I believed we our body is actually designed for fruits, for a fruitarian lifestyle. Apart from that, I personally feel the best when eating raw fruits – in terms of energy, digestion, mental clarity and emotional wealth.


designed for fruits


Fruitarian in modern life

Nevertheless, we live in a world where our soils are often depleted as well as contaminated. This often leaves our fruits with less nutrients to supply us with everything our body needs. Therefore I believe that also including raw greens, veggies, herbs as well as some nuts, seeds and seaweed into our modern lifestyle can help us to get a wide spectrum of nutrients while honouring our physical design as good as possible.

So how can that look such a modern fruitarian diet in daily life? For me, eating only fruits throughout the day with big dinner salads filled with leafy greens, savory fruits (tomatoes, cucumber, zucchini), fresh herbs, a small amount of seeds and sometimes some veggies makes me feel my best!


You also want to eat closer to our natural design while enjoying delicious raw food with every meal? Simply download your copy of Raw Vegan Abundance to access 55 amazing raw food recipes and follow my Instagram account @rawexpansion for daily motivation. 


Stay fruity, everyone!



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