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Creamy Smoothie

6 Tips for a Creamy Smoothie

For a smoothie to taste awesome, it needs the full creaminess. I’ve been there before, the ingredients sound so great together but the final product is clumpy or thin. After almost 6 years of smoothie experience the right texture is no longer a mystery for me but the result of a few simple guidelines. Let me share with you a few tips how to get a perfectly creamy smoothie texture without having to go through six years of smoothie making. And on top, you also get the recipe for a delicious sunshine smoothie.


In 6 Steps to More Creaminess


BASE: Use really ripe bananas as a base. Alternatively, sweet mangos can also work very well as a creamy staple of your smoothie.

FROZEN: By adding frozen fruits like berries, the smoothie gets a slight ice cream texture – sooo good. You can also freeze some bananas for your mixture and add fresh ones to keep the smoothie liquid or go all frozen and make some nice cream.

WATER: Add only as much water as needed to get the blender running. This way your smoothie will be thick and creamy and not too thin.

GREENS: Putting some greens (e.g. kale, spinach) in your smoothie is a great idea but make sure not to overdue it or the texture might suffer. Usually 1 cup greens on 4 bananas is a save ratio to keep your creaminess. I often add even more depending on the other ingredients as well as the softness of the greens.

FRUITS: Some fruits create a more coarse texture like citrus fruits with the pith still on it, pineapple or apple. You don’t want to use too much of these or juice them before adding to the smoothie. Softer fruits such as peaches, grapes or dragonfruit usually can’t hurt the creaminess itself but might thin out the smoothie due to their higher water content. You then just need to add less water to balance it.

BLENDER: A high-speed blender definitely makes a difference. If you are still bond to a regular one, no worries. You might want to put extra effort into ripe produce then and leave out any fruits that are not as creamy, e.g. apples or pineapple as mentioned above.


Sunshine Smoothie Recipe


Of course, I won’t send you on your way without some inspiration how such a creamy smoothie could look like:

– 4 frozen bananas

– 1 mango

– 1 grapefruit

– 2 oranges

– 1 hand full of mint


Since grapefruit adds a certain bitterness to the mixture, you might want to juice the oranges and grapefruit before adding them. This can take out some of the bitter taste since the white pith also carry some of it. If you have no gadget for juicing them, you can simply squeeze out the juice with your hands. And for those of you who like the bitter twist and don’t want to miss out on the extra nutrients in the pith, just peel them and throw the oranges and grapefruit in the blender as a whole.

By the way, when using a blender always put in the more juicy ingredients first (oranges, grapefruit) and then add denser ones (mango, bananas).


And if you need some more inspiration, also try our Arugula-Mango Smoothie recipe. Now, are you ready to create your own creamy creation?


Toowoomba, Australia