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With a healthy body, a balanced mind and a happy soul we can make
our wildest dreams come true.

My health challenges lead me on a journey to discover the real fountain of vibrant health and longevity. I took a look beyond conventional medicine and empowered myself to thrive again. Let me support you with practical knowledge about ancient healing methods, daily habits for a healthy lifestyle as well as the latest science about raw foods.




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Become part of a conscious tribe, striving for a more compassionate
and curious lifestyle.

From excessive cheese-lover, heavy meat eater, narrow-minded shoe collector and stressed workaholic to empathic plant foodie, passionate minimalist and soulful entrepreneur. I definitely turned my lives around and now enjoy more purpose, freedom and happiness. If we reconnect with our true values and use compassion as foundation for our daily decisions, we can transform our own life and impact those around us.


Looking within, finding purpose in life – spirituality takes us on an exceptional adventure inside where everything is.

It took me over 10 years to discover that spirituality goes beyond religious beliefs and can be a powerful tool to explore our inner world. As I dove deeper into meditation practices, energy healing methods and a wider understanding of life, I embarked on the biggest adventure ever since. Let me give you ideas on how to reconnect with your soul and hereby invite more purpose, excitement and joy into your being.

Bamboo Forest

Your Adventure

Reading posts alone will not transform any life. Here is how you can start to thrive on your own adventure.

Get Inspired

Explore a wide range of topics and let your intuition guide you on this journey. At the end, choose one topic that brings you a step closer to your wildest dreams.

Commit to change

Just by knowing that dairy is destructive for your body, your health won't improve - make an action plan on how you want to incorporate change into your life.

Make a move

Start right now and create new habits around your goal. Rather be consistent in your small steps than jumping too high and then give up along the way. You can do this!

Celebrate your success

How has this little adventure changed your life on a daily basis but also on a bigger scale? Review what went great, what challenged you and how you can improve your transformation. Change never stops, your adventure is just beginning.

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