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Coaching Raw Expansion

Coaching Services

No matter where you are in your journey, some challenges might need support from the outside to be resolved.

We want to help you to empower yourself with new habits and different methods to tackle your goals and transform your life in a way that gives you more health, happiness and purpose.

Since we are location-independent, we offer our coaching via video call, so that no matter in which part of the world you are right now – we can support you.

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Holistic Health

If once struggling with optimal health, we know how important it is for our happiness. Let us help you with any challenges you are facing related to vibrant nutrition, detoxification and holistic health.

Conscious Lifestyle

We've experimented with various ways of designing our life - from minimalism, zero waste and conscious consumption to traveling the world as digital nomads. We would be more than happy to help you transform your own way of living.


Finding purpose in life and exploring your true potential - with our experience in meditations, energy healing, spiritual practices and personal development we like to be your guide to a more fulfilling experience here on earth.

Spiritual Business Management

We strive for a world where making a profit and compassionate actions can go hand in hand. Let us share our knowledge about how to grow your company while also caring for the needs of your employees, the environment as well as local communities.

You might just need some advice in your diet or you want to transform your life on a big scale
and need support along the journey.

$45 per hour

We also offer Coaching sessions in German language.

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