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Books and Tea

We become what we consume

I believe that the content we give our attention, the people we give our admiration, the companies we give our money – every little action is a vote.
Let’s decide consciously how to shape our world.

Here comes a selection of resources to expand your horizon and empower yourself to thrive. These websites, books, movies or people have inspired me to transform my life one step at a time and managed to add a lot more expansion to my existence.


They can open up different worlds to us, whisper their wisdom into our mind - books that can truly inspire you.

Documentaries & Videos

More than just movies - these documentaries transport some mind-blowing messages you should not miss.

Websites & Channels

From alternative media and inspiring blog content to eye-opening YouTube videos - browse through my selection.


Looking for ways to add more health, happiness and vibrancy to your life? These apps can support you along the way.