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Let us help you on your own transformational journey.

The idea that we have unlimited potential hidden beneath the surface can be empowering,
but just as frustrating if life seems way too far away from vibrant health, true happiness and purposeful existence.
With the experience from our own transition as well as 7+ years of self-studying different topics
around nutrition, health, mindfulness and more, we are here to support you.

Anais, Raw Expansion


– Raw Food Chef

– Student in Holistic Health and Nutrition at International
Institute of Naturopathy

– Advanced Pranic Healer (including Crystal Healing,
Pranic Psychotherapy & Psychic Self-Defense)

– Naturally overcame depression, greatly improved skin
condition, reversed neurological issues

More about Anais

Johann, Raw Expansion


– Holistic Life Coach

– Student in Regenerative Detoxification Level I,
by Dr. Robert Morse

– Advanced Pranic Healer (including Crystal Healing,
Pranic Psychotherapy & Psychic Self-Defense)

– Naturally healed fructose intolerance, greatly improved
psoriasis, overcame severe anxiety

More about Johann


Everyone has different circumstances, challenges and goals – we adapt our coachings
as well as healing treatments according to your current journey.
  • Coaching

  • $ 45

    / per hour
    • Holistic health
    • Nutrition
    • Detoxification
    • Conscious lifestyle
    • Spirituality
    • Spiritual Business Management
  • Explore
  • Pranic Healing

  • $ 45

    / per hour
    • General illnesses of all kinds
    • Advanced and chronic diseases
    • Psychological issues
    • Relationship healing
    • Prosperity and abundance
    • Character building
  • Explore

Holistic Approach

We are complex human beings and our challenges in life are no different. So we believe that no issue can be solved by just observing it from one angle. A chronic health condition might develop due to an unhealthy diet mixed with heavy metal exposure, pathogens and a stressful lifestyle. No matter what your are dealing with, we see you as a whole.

Removing Obstacles

We believe that we have the elemental ability to thrive. Nowaday’s environment makes this harder and harder – toxic substances in food, marketing that tells us dairy is healthy and a fast-paced life with millions of distractions from our true self. But if we manage to remove more and more obstacles, we can open up for more vitality, bliss and magic in life.

Empowering you

Our goal is to empower you with the knowledge and tools to turn your challenges in opportunities for growth. We want you to become an expert for your own health, wellbeing and spiritual growth. This doesn’t mean you have to make it all by yourself, we are here to support you along the journey, so you can find your own, authentic path.


Personal connections and inspiring others with our message is our passion. We are always interested
in holding a talk at your yoga studio, company, school or elsewhere.